Year End Reflections A Word about Celebrating


This week we’ve been celebrating and taking a light and easy look at our categories of goals and resolutions we had for 2016.  We celebrated the accomplishments of the first category; we looked for common threads in this category–and we celebrated; we celebrated our continuing progress on the goals and resolutions in the second category, and we took a look at these goals and resolutions to find any common threads in these as well as common threads with the first category goals.

And we celebrated!

Notice that I encouraged you to celebrate after each day’s post.  It’s so important to celebrate your small steps and little victories–the medium and the big ones as well, of course!  What you do to celebrate isn’t important.  For instance, it doesn’t matter if you treat yourself to a movie or take the afternoon off and go boating or meet your friends and loved ones for a celebratory dinner.

What matters is the feelings you have inside of you.  

When you celebrate, tune into these feelings.  Give them free rein inside of you.  Feel the joy, the self-confidence, the pleasure, the self-esteem.

These feelings are vitally important to your continued success.  They are powerhouses that are packed full of all sorts of energies that you can tap into.  They’ll give you the wherewithal and nerve to keep going; to go for more and to stick it out when things are readjusting themselves (what you may think of as things falling apart).

Examples of feelings you may have are:
~Pride about yourself because you didn’t back down or give up, especially when the going was less than fun!
~A boost in self-confidence because now you know you can figure out how to get through the tough stuff and you can stick it out for the long haul.
~The increase in self-trust because you didn’t back down, you didn’t give up.  Instead, you kept true to your word–your promise to yourself–that you would do this.  And you did!
~Enhanced self esteem because you now know that you do have what it takes, you are intelligent and resourceful, you can keep calm and keep going in spite of being unsure or afraid.
~The happiness and joy you feel because you know it’s really true that baby steps do add up and it’s okay to slow down and take teensy tiny steps when you come up against something you’ve never dealt with before.

This is all GREAT STUFF!!  We need to take a WHOLE DAY TODAY to CELEBRATE–to feel ALL the wonderful feelings inside of you!!  

We are doing AWESOME stuff!  We ROCK the house down!


Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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