Year End Reflections Getting Your Nerve Up


This week we’re going to be looking at our goals and resolutions in the third category. This is the one that has all the goals and resolutions that haven’t been touched or thought about since we wrote them last January.

To look at them, we’re gonna need all the strength and nerve that we can muster!

We’re going to take it in little baby steps so that we don’t become too overwhelmed and discouraged.

So that you can prepare, here’s what’s on tap for this week’s blog posts:

Monday: Taking a Light and Easy look at the third category’s goals and resolutions (including celebrating ourselves for looking at these items)

Tuesday: Thinking about Why We Ignored These (including celebrating ourselves for doing a light evaluation of these items): goals others’ said we should want or that they want us to do; goals that seemed like a good idea but that we no longer are interested in; goals that we want but we’re too chicken to go for

Wednesday: Noticing any Common Threads ((including celebrating ourselves for doing this work)

Thursday: Noticing Common Threads with the first and second categories (including celebrating ourselves for sticking with this work)

Friday: CELEBRATE!!,_Belmont_University,_Nashville,_USA.jpg,_Belmont_University,_Nashville,_USA.jpg

Perhaps one of the best ways to get your nerve up is to celebrate the fact that today is International Hug Day, so hugs all around! J

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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