Year End Reflections: Common Threads in the Third Category


Yesterday we separated our Third Category goals and resolutions–the ones that are not only undone but untouched–into three groups. The first group has those goals and resolutions that might have seemed like a good idea when you wrote them but, on second thought, you realize you have absolutely no desire to achieve them. The second group contains those goals and resolutions that were inspired by someone else, whether it was a loved one or friend, or even society or the daily advertising messages we’re subjected to. The third group has those goals and resolutions that we really and truly want to achieve but yet we can’t seem to find the energy, time, or nerve to get going on them.

Today, let’s take another look at these groupings and determine if there are any common threads running through them. For instance, perhaps you absolutely love the outdoors and enjoy being physically active but most of the goals in the third group deal with working in an office.

Try to find as many threads as you can. For instance, using the example above, not only are your goals in this group centered around working in an office but also working alone–and you happen to be a people person who’s energized and invigorated by interchanging with others!

Okay, that’s it for today! Remember, we’re taking this in baby steps so we don’t become overwhelmed or discouraged. We want to make sure we keep going with this work. We need to find that bread crumb trail to our true selves!

Take time today to celebrate yourself for doing this work. It can be tough so we need to reward ourselves for taking even the teeniest tiniest steps.

WooHoo! You’re doing it! You ROCK!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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