Year End Reflections Get Specific about the Sticking Points,,


This weekend we were thinking about the goals and resolutions that we didn’t touch this whole year.  We’ve probably had a few insights that helped us understand ourselves a little better.

If you’re anything like me, you probably discovered that some of your goals you took on because you wanted to make someone happy and yet other goals were thrust upon you.  You may have also noticed that with some of the goals, “your eyes were bigger than your stomach” meaning that these goals might be nice to strive for in a perfect world, but in your world it just ain’t happenin’.  Then there are those goals that are more about proving yourself to someone….

It’s fine to put these goals to the side right now and not expect oursleves to even think about them, much less do anything about them, for the next year or two.  Some of them–such as the ones motivated by other people–are just fine to completely, totally, and permanently cross off our list.

Let’s concentrate on the goals that we haven’t touched since we wrote them down last January yet we reallyreallyreally want to achieve them.

We’re intimidated (“I can’t…”), overwhelmed (“They’re too much…”), and frightened (“What if…?!”) by them.  But we can’t let them go because they won’t let us go!  And we would be really sad if we did let them go and they actually left us.

What’s holding us back?  Are we afraid of what others’ will think, whether “those others” are friends and loved ones or society in general?  Are you concerned that you don’t have the specialized knowledge or skills needed to go for your dreams?  Are you worried about leaving what’s comfortable and familiar, even though it isn’t a good fit for you, and step out into the unknown toward your dreams?

Get really clear on all the sticking points for these goals–be specific!  Tomorrow we’re going to talk a little more about them.

Good for you for hanging in there with me in doing this work.  It’s hard stuff and you’re finding your way through.  Yay!

I’m proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,





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