Year End Reflections: Brainstorming

The next step in understanding why we didn’t touch those 2016 goals and resolutions that we reallyreallyreally wanted is to brainstorm.

One of the two most important questions to ask ourselves is:  What can I do about this?

Take a look at all the answers to your questions from this weekend and yesterday.  Ask yourself what you can do about each of the sticking points.

Please note:  We’re in the brainstorming phase so ALL ideas are valuable and must be written down.  This is NOT the time for judgment or being practical or thinking realistically.  Sometimes your most significant steps forward can spring out of a harebrained, ridiculous, impractical idea.

What are your sticking points and what can you do about them?

For instance, perhaps your concern about your looks blocks you from doing some of the things you want to do.  What can you do about this?

You can:
~read about plain-looking people who significantly improved other people’s lives (Eleanor Roosevelt);
~study how others with physical limitations didn’t let that stand in their way (Stephen Hawking);
~learn good personal hygiene and grooming techniques;
~find out about the clothing styles that are comfortable and flattering to your shape;
~move to a culture that thinks people who look like you are stunningly gorgeous;
~live on the moon where there’s no one’s around to make you feel awkward (!)
~develop a fantastic smile so people see only that about you;
~build up an interesting aspect of your personality so others see only that about you;
~become great at something so people don’t notice or care about what you look like;
~be at peace with the way you look and not care what others think!

Earl Nightingale, my all-time favorite motivational speaker, was an advocate of brainstorming and he urged people to list 25 ideas, regardless of how practical or realistic–or not!–they were.

He said that the first 10 or so ideas are relatively easy to come up with and by number 15 or 20 you might find yourself really struggling.  He encouraged people to forge ahead to the 25th idea because he said that the last few ideas have gold in them.  They are the ones that force you to dig deep and pull out all the stops.  This is when your creativity really flows and some original, breakthrough thinking takes place.

Now it’s your turn!  Sit down with a pencil and paper–or your favorite way of capturing your thoughts–and let your mind go wild with ideas about what you can do.  Make Earl Nightingale proud by welcoming those whack-a-doodle thoughts!


Your Friend and Pep Pal,

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