Year End Reflections: Strong Emotions

WEB Christmas Trees and Gazebo


A friend of mine mentioned that this time of year is filled with a lot of strong emotion and throughout the holiday season, we may experience all of them.

We can be happy and excited. This time of year is filled with special celebrations to look forward to. We can feel harried and rushed because of all the preparations that still need to be done but we feel we’re running out of time!

We can feel melancholy because we might not be able to see or spend time with everyone we care about. We might feel sad because some of those people live on only in our fond memories of them.

During this time of year, it isn’t unusual to feel discouraged. The first half of this month we talked about our 2016 goals and resolutions–the ones we achieved, the ones we’re still working on, and the ones we didn’t touch. Even though we saw that there is plenty to celebrate and feel proud of, we still might feel a little discouraged anyway.

We can feel disheartened, too, as we prepare for 2017. We might be anxious about whether or not 2017 really will be different–better–than 2016. At times we might be worried that 2017 will be more of the same–or worse.

We’ll talk about these emotions for the rest of the month. Feel free to let me know if there is an emotion you’d like me to write about. Leave your suggestions in the comments below. Thanks!

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