Year End Reflections Thoughts to Ponder when You’re Feeling Down Part 1


This morning I was thinking about Friday’s post on Strong Emotion and pondering what I’d say to you.  Of course I could say the old bromides that tell you to “buck up” and “look at the bright side” and “you have so much to be thankful for”.  While these are true and can be helpful at times, when you’re feeling down and someone says any of these to you, if you’re like me, you want to punch them in the nose for treating your mood so flippantly!

As I looked for something that respects you as well as helpful to you, I turned to a book I’d come across entitled Pleasures of Life by Sir John Lubbock. 

I found two thoughts that resonated with me and today I’d like to share one with you.

Life indeed must be measured by thought and action, not by time. ~Sir John Lubbock

I thought about this quote when I talked to a friend who is a caregiver by trade.  She was telling me that recently one of her client’s passed but in the last few weeks of her client’s life, he was able to reconnect with his son from whom he had been estranged for decades.  She was telling me that those last few weeks of his life were some of his happiest.  Right before he died, he shared with my friend that the sweetness of the few weeks of reconnection far and away made up for the decades of estrangement.

The message I get from this story and this quote is to not fret over how much time I may have left and not lament the time I’ve already had that I may have wasted.  Instead, my energies are better spent making sure that my thoughts and actions are in line with the wishes of my heart and soul.

If I can do this, then perhaps I, too, might know the sweetness of days well spent.

What about you?

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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