Year End Reflections Thoughts to Ponder when You’re Feeling Down Part 2


This is another quote from Pleasures of Life by Sir John Lubbock.  It sums up a technique that I’ve found helpful when I’m feeling down.

If we do our best; if we do not magnify trifling troubles; if we look resolutely, I do not say at the bright side of things, but at things as they really are; if we avail ourselves of the manifold blessings which surround us; we cannot but feel that life is indeed a glorious inheritance. ~Sir John Lubbock

It’s important to gain perspective on the trouble.  I do this by taking the time to think it through–seeing where I stand with it and, if I’m able to at this time, to think a little bit about the worst case scenario and what I might do about it.  Then I call a trusted and wise friend or loved one and talk it over with them.  I’ll do a little more thinking on my own about what we discussed.

But then, I make sure I take the time to step back and breathe–metaphorically and literally.  Gazing out the window at Mother Nature is restful and restorative, and it also helps me reconnect with the Flow of Life.  When I do this, I find I can begin to be glad I have a window to gaze out of and that there are interesting and beautiful things to see.  Although I look out onto trees and a suburban scene, even if you see a cityscape outside your window, that, too, can be restful and restorative in its own way.

I can delight in watching birds and animals living their lives–or enjoy myself people watching if I happen to be in a more urban setting.  Doing this pulls me out of the direness of my troubles and I begin to feel more hopeful.

Describing this technique here can seem like I go from glum to gloriously happy in about two seconds.  That isn’t usually the case.  Depending upon the trouble it can take hours or even days or weeks working with this technique before I begin to restore my equilibrium.

As the quote says, though, to do my best each moment, accepting the fact that some days my best is more than and better than other days; doing my best to keep everything in perspective; and doing my best to enjoy the little bits of wonder and awe in each day.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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