Year End Reflections: After Holidays Blues


We spend weeks—sometimes months—planning and preparing for the holidays.  We’re excited as we anticipate a wonderful holiday celebration.

But, instead of the Hallmark-channel-type loving holiday dinner as we dreamed of (actually, we hoped for it with fingers crossed…), Aunt Tillie and Uncle Albert were at it—again—over whether or not the turkey was overcooked, and the kids were running around screaming because of their sugar high, the teens were glued to their phones, our spouse/partner seemed to have disappeared from the melee, and one of the neighbors palmed off on us the Infamous Fruitcake (and what could we do but smile and thank them?), and the house looked like a cyclone hit it….

Then, before we know it, the holidays have come and gone and everyone’s on to the next thing.

We’re left wondering; is that all there is??

All that planning, all those preparations and, blink, over and gone!

We wonder if it’s all worth it.  We might even vow that this is it, we’re done.  We’re not doing this again!

!!!  (for good measure!)

It’s at this point that we have to stop and take a step back.  We definitely need to take a deep breath and we probably need a nap.

Perhaps our holiday traditions and celebrations really do need to be tweaked but the more important question to think about it why we’re doing this—why are we putting in all the time and effort?

If we’re doing it for the adulation and glory, then we shouldn’t be surprised to be let down.  Even if our friends and loved ones thank us and are grateful for our efforts, it probably still won’t be enough.

On the other hand, if we’re doing it because we want to share our traditions with our friends and loved ones, and if we want to make sure our loved ones can look back at these holidays with warm memories, and if we decide this is how we want to mark this time of year as special, then it makes it easier to deal with things when they don’t go as well as what we had hoped.

It’s about doing what we think is important and then letting go and allowing others to celebrate the way that’s meaningful to them.

Happy Holidays!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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