Year End Reflections After Holiday Blues One More Final Thought (!),_%22CHANGE%22.jpg,_%22CHANGE%22.jpg


All week we’ve been talking about the blues we often feel after the holidays—the adult version of a crash from a sugar high.  😉

Today I’ll leave you with one final thought I’ve realized for myself.

Several years ago I happened to watch a program on either the History Channel or Discovery Channel…one of those.  It featured anthropologists and one idea they mentioned has stuck with me and served me well all these years.  I think it can help you, too.

The anthropologists said that each generation defines for themselves their culture’s age-old practices, traditions, and customs.  They said that’s one reason why older generations pine for the “good old days” and worry about what the world will come to when the younger generation takes over.

The anthropologists quoted from ancient Roman texts where elders were concerned over young people’s lack of respect of long-held practices and customs.  They worried over young people’s lack of decorum and how they were dismissive of their elders’ values and standards.  The ancient texts denounced young people for their single-minded interest in frivolous, valueless things.

Sound familiar?  Sounds like these conversations could have taken place today!  🙂

The point is, though, that we work so hard to make the holidays great, especially for our kids.  It’s like we’re trying to re-create our childhood for them. Times and sensibilities and what people value has changed so to get upset because things aren’t exactly like what we experienced growing up is setting ourselves up for a huge letdown and disappointment.

Of course it’s fine to do the best we can to create conditions that are conducive to a good holiday, but then we have to remember to step back, chill, and let the kids—and grownups, too—create the memories that are meaningful to them.

In the meantime, remember to enjoy!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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