Getting a Good Start in 2017 Doesn’t Mean Hitting the Ground Running or Taking Leaps and Bounds


Your life begins at the end of your comfort zone.  ~Neale Donald Walsch

Even though we’ve turned out the lights and locked the door on 2016, we still remember some of the ways in which we were ineffective and we don’t want to repeat that in 2017.  Understandably, we want this year to be different so we think we need to “hit the ground running”.  We think this means we have to immediately make big changes, take leaps and bounds, and relentlessly move forward.

Not true.

Some people can do this but I think most of us need to ease our way into the New Year, especially if we want to make some substantive changes and have them stick.  We know that making these changes means stepping outside of our routines into the unknown, establishing new routines and habits that are more conducive to getting us to our dreams.

It’s nerve-wracking to think of moving into the unknown.  Sure, we can all do it for a while but very soon we want the comfort of the old familiar patterns.  We’re not convinced that we can sustain our nerve of being in the unknown until the new patterns become familiar and comfortable.  We’re already a little disappointed in just thinking about this because we’re afraid we can’t do it; afraid this year’ll be a repeat of the worst parts of 2016.

That I know of, there’s only one sure-fire way to step out of your comfort zone, to make meaningful changes, and to have them stick:  baby steps.

Like today’s quote tells us, the life of our dreams begins at the end of our comfort zone.  But we don’t have to jump in with both feet all at once.  We can take baby steps to get there.  Sometimes we can take big steps—leaps, even—but most of the time they’re going to be little steps.  We’ll probably go through phases from time-to-time were the little steps will have to be broken down into itsy bitsy teensy tiny little fragments of steps.

No worries!

The fantastic news is that these count; they add up!  It’s true that no effort is ever wasted!  Our littlest microscopic piece of a step WILL get us to our dreams as surely as if we made an Olympic caliber vault into our dream life.

So when we think of getting 2017 off to a good start and we think of the changes we want to make, think in terms of baby steps.  Identify the little bits that we can do now, and a little bit more that we can do tomorrow, and the other bits we can do in the following days.  We’ll be pleased to see that our little efforts add up!

We can do it, I’m sure of it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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