Baby Steps: The Ugly,,


This is where baby steps get, well, ugly.

As I was researching for this Baby Steps Series, I discovered a few sites that were downright hostile toward baby steps.

Here are a few of the disparaging remarks they made:

~Progress is too slow and, therefore, worthless;

~They’re ineffective;

~They delude you into thinking you’re making progress, but you actually aren’t;

~They can distract you from your real goals and, instead, fill your days with busyness;

~They’re a way to kid yourself that you’re making substantial changes but in reality, you aren’t;

~They keep you snug and cozy in your comfort zone when the road to your dreams is outside of your comfort zone;

~Baby steps are a joke because you must take leaps and risks in order to achieve your dreams.


These are valid points.

However, the facts they expose are NOT the worthlessness of baby steps but rather the need for clarity in the goal so that effective baby steps can be formulated, and the well-defined understanding of what each baby step is intended to accomplish.

I hope this helps you in breaking your goals into baby steps.  Not only do they need to be small and manageable but the also have to be relevant to your overall dream and the path you’ve chosen to get you there.

You can do it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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