Tips from TV: Additional Lessons from Film Serials’ Heroes and Heroines


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, our lives aren’t Republic Pictures serial, however, I think there are a few truths we can gather from the heroes and heroines in those stories and apply them to our journey to our dreams.

In yesterday’s post, I pointed out three attributes of the hero or heroine:



~unswerving belief in himself or herself and in his/her goal.


Here are a few others that are also relevant to us and our journey:

~Offer peace and goodwill to everyone he/she meets, including difficult scientists/leaders/tribal chiefs, with the attitude of collaboration and trading resources and, after working out misunderstanding on the others’ part, ending up as allies and friends;

~The mayor/boss/commissioner may give the hero an important job to do and the hero immediately completes it but he/she never loses focus on the overall goal of stopping the bad guy;

~As the hero forged ahead, he/she trusted that help in the form of information or assistance from others would come in unexpected ways and times;

~Giving people the benefit of the doubt, even the bad guys who he may have just fought;

~Always hopeful and always looking for and taking the next step.  Even when he/she wasn’t sure what to do, he/she did what seemed to be the best thing to do at the time;

~Doing what was right and protecting/helping those who were vulnerable, even though it was inconvenient, took up valuable time, and exposed the hero to harm;

~The hero never at any time had any shred of doubt that he/she would succeed in stopping and capturing the bad guy and his gang.


Let me know what you think of this list.  Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



PS:  In light of yesterday’s post, I did a little research on film serials and discovered the earliest to be a German film from 1910, although it’s unclear if any of the films have survived, with the last serial being made in 1956.  A much longer history than I’d thought!


One thought on “Tips from TV: Additional Lessons from Film Serials’ Heroes and Heroines”

  1. Your comments to show that we can derive insight from so many sources around us, if we really look closely. You cleaned relevant gems for us to consider from these old serials. Thank you !


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