The Baby Step Habit


Two weeks ago we talked about Baby Steps.  I read an post today by Michael Hyatt about habits.  It reminded me so much about our chat about Baby Steps two weeks ago.  I found it particularly interesting when Michael talked about triggers and streaks.  These are two very effective tools to keep you on track and they dovetail beautifully with the work that Dr. B. J. Fogg has done (scroll to the middle of the page of the link to find a link to his resources).

I’ve found triggers to be an important tool for establishing the habit of baby steps.  Sometimes our minds convince ourselves that it’s better to keep to the old routine, i.e. rut.  It reasons that you need the extra 15 minutes of sleep or that the TV program is very interesting.  But triggers like the ones that Dr. Fogg talks about are powerful nudges that your mind can’t ignore or pooh-pooh so easily.

I’ve also found streaks to be an effective tool as well because it taps into our competitive nature as well as our need for routine.  Once you’ve done a new habit a few days in a row, you can make it a competition with yourself to see how many days in a row you can keep it up.  And your mind gets used to the idea of getting up at 6am, say, to do a few gentle stretches before starting the day—a new routine.  Both Dr. Fogg and Michael Hyatt agree!

Let me know what you think—if you think Michael Hyatt’s suggestions combined with Dr. Fogg’s are going to be helpful to you.  Let me know, too, if you think they wouldn’t be helpful.

Also, let me know if you find this type of information helpful or if you want something else.  Perhaps you just want a Pep Rally every day….

Let me know!  Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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