The Truth Behind Inspiring Stories


We’ve all heard stories of people who seemed doomed to live terrible lives but instead overcame the odds and went on to live successful lives.

We’re enthralled by these stories.  They inspire us to widen the view of possibilities for our lives.  We decide that we, too, can make something more of our lives and we take steps along these lines.  And we see progress and even achieve some success.

We’re disappointed, though, because we think we shouldn’t still be struggling with issues that have gotten us down before.  And, when we review the stories that have inspired us, it seems as if those people go on to live charmed lives.

Why don’t we?  What’s wrong with us?


Here’s an article I came across on the Huffington Post’s site.  The author has overcome great odds and is living a good life, but he still struggles with his issues from time-to-time!

I was relieved to read this article because I realized that it’s part of life to continue struggling, not only with obstacles and setbacks but also with the same issues that keep cropping up from time-to-time.  It’s part of life and doesn’t make me any less than or more than anyone else.

What a relief!

Let me know if you feel relieved, too, after reading this article.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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