The Truth Behind Inspiring Stories: Life isn’t Personal


As I underscored in yesterday’s post, I find it relieving to know that successful people and people who have overcome crushing odds are, in some ways, still like us.  In spite of their achievements, they still worry, have setbacks, disappointments, heartbreaks, sadness, and the like.

I also find this to be a source of joy.

Joy because that means LIFE IS NOT PERSONAL!

That means, Life isn’t painting bull’s eyes on me and constantly lining me up in its sites to take potshots at me for its perverse pleasures.

Life can seem to be a cold-hearted, malicious jerk at times.  It can deal crushing blows to any and all of us at times.

No one is exempt because Life has NO favorites.

To me, this means that we can stop being victims and crying out “why me?!”.  And, we don’t have to waste time figuring out why something out of our control happened to us (if we could have done something to prevent it then by all means, learn the lesson!).

When we drop the victim and lamenting phases, then we have a quicker response time and more energy to deal with whatever it is that happened.

Of course we’ll feel disappointed when things go wrong and there is naturally a period where we deal with our emotions, figure out what’s what, and come up with a plan to get ourselves back on our feet.  Naturally this takes time.

We no longer need to waste time on lamenting and playing the victim because Life is a total and complete jerk to EVERYONE at one time or another.

Let me know what you think about this.  Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


3 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Inspiring Stories: Life isn’t Personal”

  1. Knowing that we all share the human condition connects me to everyone else on the planet, and makes it possible for me to empathize. It’s a great comfort to know we aren’t alone in our experiences.


  2. Thank you for your comment, Julie!

    This is so true that oftentimes we think we’re the only one who’s experienced a certain setback. But obstacles and challenges come to us all so none of us is alone. It’s as simple as reaching out in the form of reading a book or a blog, talking to friends and loved ones, going to a support group, and the like, to find others who have overcome difficulties–and to be inspired by their stories.

    Thanks again for your comment, Julie!

    Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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