The Truth Behind Inspiring Stories: Life isn’t Personal – The Other Side of the Coin


Yesterday we talked about one aspect of Life’s not being personal.  We talked about its harshness and how Life metes out its difficulties and challenges without respect for a person’s beauty or height or family of origin or age or socio-economic group or skin color or belief system….

The other side of Life is that it isn’t personal about its gifts.  That means Life’s beauties, joys, and peace are as accessible and available to you and me as they are to the prettiest, smartest, tallest, slimmest, most popular and successful person in the world.

This means that right now, right at this moment, you can press the reset button.  You can make a different decision, you can choose something new. 

You can focus on the small kindnesses you receive throughout the day.  You can drink in the delightfulness of laughter and the loving tones woven into friends and loved ones talking with one another.  You can welcome tranquility, serenity, and quietness.

You can still become the person you dream of being and in this moment you can take the first step toward this goal.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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