Life is Change, Which is a Good Thing


As we discussed in yesterday’s post, at ever moment Life offers us the opportunity to press the reset button on our lives.  At any time we can begin again.

Looking closely at the stories of successful people who have overcome devastating setbacks and unimaginable odds, we see that they somehow find the wherewithal to begin again and again and again.

And we can do the same thing because Life is not cast in concrete and chiseled in stone.  We can think outside the box; we can try something radically different than anything we have ever done before.

Which means that all is not lost if you’ve already abandoned your goals and resolutions for 2017.  You can pull them out, evaluate them, tweak them, and begin again.  Perhaps this weekend you can make time to do this.

I hope so!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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