A Meaningful Life: First Step in Creating One



As we talked about in yesterday’s post, you don’t have to be famous or to have a Great Passion since childhood in order to lead a meaningful life.

It isn’t too late—or too early—to have a life of meaning.  You aren’t too far off track, either.  Even if you hate your job, and your family is driving you nuts, and you don’t particularly like your friends because you’ve discovered they’re more like frenemies, and you’re bored, and you have no idea how to turn your life around….

You can start right here, right now, right where you are with who you are.  You can start by changing the way you think about the things you do every day.

As always, start with baby steps.  Doing too much too soon and having high expectations will set you up to trip and fall, so choose only one thing for the baby step.


As an example of infusing a task with meaning, we’ll choose keeping your home neat and clean.  For many people, this is a drudgery and it’s frustrating because it’s a never-ending job.  Instead of thinking along those lines, try infusing it with meaning.  Think of straightening and tidying your home as a gift you’re giving yourself and your family.  You want your home to be warm and inviting so you and your family are always ready to eagerly welcome friends and loved ones when they visit.  Also, you want your home to be an oasis of calm in the topsy-turvy world.  And you want your home to be serene and a place where you and your family can relax and recharge.  When picking up around your home, think of these reasons—and any others that ring true for you.

Is it easy to change your thinking and start infusing with meaning tasks such as these?  No, it isn’t.  You may find that you’ll feel silly, telling yourself that you’re deluded and are being foolish.  A thought might pop into your mind that this exercise is a waste of time, and you may feel that this won’t change anything.

Stick with it!  This exercise will be the start of the change you want!


Keep an open mind and heart.  Allow this exercise to take you where it will.  As you stick with infusing moments in your day with meaning you’ll notice that your life will expand.  You’ll feel more purposeful and energized, your attitude will improve, and you’ll uncover interests you either forgot about or ones you didn’t know you had.  The best part is you’ll find that some of these interest will deepen into the passions you’ve been searching for.

Keep following one little meaningful moment after the other!  You can do it—I believe in you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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