Why I Sit in Silence Every Morning




When I talk to people about how to create a meaningful life, one of the first things I recommend is that they sit in silence first thing every morning.  Sitting quietly before they shower, before they have breakfast or coffee, before they do anything else.  I also suggest they sit in silence every evening just before going to bed, but if they are just starting out, it’s the morning time that I think has more impact.

I came across a quote by Julia Cameron that explains why to sit in silence–some of what is accomplished by the practice:

When we seek daily spiritual guidance, we are guided toward the next step forward for our art. Sometimes the step is very small. Sometimes the step is, “Wait. Not now.” Sometimes the step is, “Work on something else for a while.” When we are open to Divine Guidance, we will receive it. It will come to us as the hunch, the inkling, the itch. It will come to us as timely conversations with others. It will come to us in many ways–but it will come.

The guidance does come, but not always in ways I’m looking for it . Sometimes I  don’t notice that I’ve received guidance until I look back over the day or week or month–or longer.  When I look, though, I see it; it’s there.

Do you have a practice that helps you connect with the Divine?  Feel free to share in the comments below.  Thanks!

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