Sitting in Silence: Those Pesky Thoughts!


One of the most common reasons people give to explain why they don’t meditate—or have given up trying to establish a meditation practice—is because of those unruly and pesky thoughts.  The ones that either sneak in when you don’t even realize it until your quiet is so thoroughly disrupted, or the thoughts that won’t let your mind calm down in the first place.

One thing my daily practice has taught me is to not fight the thoughts.

Don’t try to turn them off and don’t feel you’ve failed if the thoughts just won’t let you go.  Instead, use your thoughts as a clue to what facets of your life need your attention.  Your thoughts are guides pointing you toward new gifts and new experiences that will lead you into a better life.

Be a detective when it comes to your habitual and disruptive thoughts.  What is the core issue?  What will addressing that issue do for you and your life?

Take the time to think it through.  Turn those thoughts that debilitated you into tools that power you forward into the bright future that awaits you.

You can do it!  I believe in you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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