Lessons from the Local Food Bank




Yesterday I was at my local food bank dropping off food and I started talking to the woman who worked in the food bank’s office. She was cheerful and had an upbeat attitude.  I asked her if she was ever dismayed by all the people that need help and how they probably couldn’t help everyone.

She told me that while it was true that they aren’t equipped to serve everyone who comes to them for requests—for instance, they can’t help people who need housing—all they can do is give people food.  I asked if that ever got to her.  She said that at times it did but then she said she reminds herself to focus on the positives:  the people they can help, and the good people who volunteer and donate to help them serve others.

The whole time we were talking, she was smiling and energetic.  I thought about the people coming to the food bank and dealing with her.  Let’s face it, her typical client isn’t there because they are millionaires and on top of the world.  The clients must feel discouraged, hopeless, and maybe even embarrassed.  To see her smiling face must give them a ray of hope and her focus on the positive must bolster their spirits.

I marveled at the true service the woman at the food bank was providing.

Her example reminded me of three important things:  

~Focus on the positive and what you can do;

~There are always good people who will reach out a helping hand;

~Smile because it can make a difference in people’s day.


I hope this little story inspires you to follow the example of the food bank lady.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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