Back by Popular Demand: Look for the Helpers—Updated


We’ve been talking all week about reaching out a helping hand to others as well as yourself.  I came across a post I did three years ago regarding Mr. Roger’s famous quote about always looking for the helpers because there are always helpers in any situation, no matter how bad or hopeless (posted 3/28/14).

I can personally attest to that fact.  I’ve had tough problems to wrestle with and situations that seemed hopeless.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised how neighbors, friends, loved ones, and even strangers have reached out a helping hand to me.  Sometimes it was a small gesture but other times people went out of their way to help.  I was deeply touching while it was happening and even now as I think about it, it’s still moving.

I urge you to ask for help if you need it; you’ll be pleasantly surprised how many people will help.  I also encourage you to keep reaching out a helping hand to others because you just don’t know who hangs in the balance—how your help will make all the difference to someone.

Feel free to share an experience where you were helped.  Also feel free to share about the help you gave.  Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,




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