More Thoughts on Judith Sills’ book “The Comfort Trap or What if You’re Riding a Dead Horse?”


Yesterday I told you about the seven steps to getting out of your comfort trap as outlined in Judith Sills’ book.  Today, I want to talk about the step “Create A Vision”.

This concept isn’t a new one for me.  I first heard of it years ago and even made several vision boards for myself.  Over time I found they didn’t really work for me.

In reading Judith Sills’ book and her explanation of creating a vision, it occurred to me why the vision boards never worked for me.  It was because even though I put on my board dreams and goals I really wanted, they were too far in the future and too big for where I was right then in the moment.  No wonder I always found myself back at square one!

I realized that the most effective visions are ones that are two or three steps ahead of where I currently found myself.  While it’s great for me to know where I’m headed—the big goal and big dream—it’s more effective regarding moving forward if I focus on the one, two, or three steps ahead.

For instance, if you want to pay closer attention to maintaining your health, your overall large goal may be becoming slim, trim, and physically fit.  This might be a long way from where you are, though.  In that case, start with creating a vision one or two steps ahead of where you are.

Your next-step vision might be acknowledging that you like to snack while you watch TV.  The next-step vision after that could be deciding to add something healthy to your snacking, such as fresh blueberries or another favorite fruit (it’s important to keep things positive so that at this very beginning and vulnerable stage, you don’t feel as if you must give up something, do without, and miss out on something you like and enjoy).

Another point to understand is that, once you get to step one or two, you can—and should—create a new vision for yourself.  Not only can you make new visions, but you can tweak and change the ones you’ve already made—nothing is cast in concrete or chiseled in stone.  What a concept!

What are you going to create a vision for?  Feel free to share in the comments below.  Thanks!

My “big” vision is to be fully prepared for the panel discussion I’ll be on in June at the health and wellness expo which will be hosted by Hearst Publishing (more info to follow soon!).  My next-step vision is to design a business card as well as a brochure that highlights the benefits of subscribing to Yes I Can Pep Talks.

I’m looking forward to working together through our visions!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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