Thoughts to Finish the Week Strong


Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind from our discussions on the comfort zone this week:

~It’s good to have a Big Vision to strive for but day-to-day keep your focus on the one or two or three steps ahead of you—create a Small Vision for these few immediate steps.  Doing this will help you stay calm and feel more in control of situations.  This leads to confidence, which then dramatically increases the likelihood of you taking steps outside your comfort zone.  And all the Good Stuff in life is outside of your comfort zone!

~Change your thoughts about what’s beyond your comfort zone.  Ros Place of refers to moving outside of her comfort zone as moving into her Bravery Zone.  I think this is brilliant!  To me, this sounds much less risky.  I know that might sound a little odd but just stating that I’m moving out of my comfort zone without saying anything else about it leaves me feeling like I’m hanging out there in an abyss.  If I say I’m moving into my Bravery Zone (or that I’m moving out of my comfort zone into my Bravery Zone) then there’s a name for and a definition of what’s beyond my comfort zone.  If I can name it and I can define it, then I have a shot (at least) of handling it.  It makes sense to me!  🙂

~You can do this; you can move out of your comfort zone into your bravery zone and achieve your dreams.  Take it one little tiny step at a time and keep taking tiny steps after tiny steps.  And finally, stay at a pace that works for you regardless of what others are doing or saying.


I believe in YOU!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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