Try Something New!



We’re scared to death to try new things because we think we have to get it right the first time.  ~Joe Salatin


Today I arranged my schedule so I could go with a group of people to a small museum and tour their current exhibition.  I didn’t know many of the people in our group and the two people I did know, I didn’t know them that well.

I was a little nervous—worried about whether or not I could easily carry on a conversation with the participants, concerned that the people might be more sophisticated and cultured that me, and anxious that my limited knowledge of the exhibition would make me appear foolish.

I quickly found that all my fretting was unfounded.

Everyone was delightful and courteous and, even though I hadn’t been familiar with the artist whose works we were touring, no one else was an expert either; all of us were there to learn!

The day was enjoyable:  I deepened my art appreciation, learned about one of the Impressionist painters, met new people, and opened myself and my life to new ideas.

Today was a breath of fresh air!

I highly recommend that you try new things: hang out for a little while with people who are different than the usual people you are with, go to an event that isn’t one you’d normally attend, read or watch something that you may have initially dismissed.

Even if you tried these and didn’t enjoy a single one, you still learned something valuable:  you learned what you don’t like, which is as important as knowing what you do like!

Have fun!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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