Exciting Week Ahead! How’s it Going!





“…I wonder what’s going to happen exciting today.”  said Piglet.


This week we’re meeting the challenge of waking every morning with Piglet’s quote in mind and then keeping on the lookout for the “exciting happenings”.

What fun and happy and exciting things have happened to you so far?  Feel free to share in the comments below!

Here’s how Piglet’s quote is working for me so far:

On Sunday, I was more productive than I thought I’d be. I started out overwhelmed with all that was on my To Do list but I ended the day feeling very good about how much I actually accomplished.  Although there were many things still on my To Do list, I was able to cross off more than I had anticipated.  Yippee!

On Monday, not only did I enjoy Mother Nature’s splendor on the way to and from work, but I had a little bit of down-time that I wasn’t expecting. I filled this with reading a few chapters in a book I’m reading for pleasure.  I was particularly happy about using the free time to read because I usually have to wait for the weekend in order to squeeze in an hour or two.  Yay!

Today, I’m planning to help the “exciting happening” along by treating myself to a small ice cream cone from a local vendor. It’s a delayed May Day celebration treat!  😉  I’m still going to keep open to any happy surprises that pop up today.  WooHoo!

Let me know how you’re doing on your exciting happenings each day. Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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