Exciting Week Ahead! Another Form of Receiving




“…I wonder what’s going to happen exciting today.”  said Piglet.


We’ve been rising to the challenge we gave ourselves earlier this week to wake each day with Piglet’s quote in mind.

When we think of Piglet’s quote, we usually think that something good is going to happen to us such as finding a quarter on the sidewalk, our grumpy boss being cheerful and giving us praise and recognition for the hard work we’ve been doing, or perhaps it’s hearing from a long lost friend and them insisting upon treating us to dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Receiving in this form isn’t the only way that exciting happenings can come about.

Let me explain. Last night I went to a Toastmasters meeting and, afterward on the way to our cars, I was chatting with a young man whose passion and dream is to become a public speaker encouraging and motivating kids. He  overcame a very difficult and persistent bullying situation and is now a dynamic and engaging young man. He thinks his experiences can help other kids, and he’s absolutely right.

Because he’s so enthusiastic and so certain about his chosen path, I presumed he didn’t really need any help. Boy was I ever wrong! He has one foot in his dream life–making great connections, meeting and receiving the support of fabulous people–but he still had his other foot in his current “reality”–having to work full-time at another job, limited finances, living in a very small apartment.

I was able to remind him that big name motivational speakers such as Brian Tracy and Larry Winget went through their own difficult times.   In order to get to their dream life, they had to do what was necessary to get there. Larry Winget had to sell his furniture, his house, his nice cars and take any job he could get in order to make ends meet. Brian Tracy started out as a dishwasher at a local restaurant and gradually (over years) he worked his way to where he is now.

I also reminded my friend to not let current “reality” be his focus. Of course, pay attention and be responsible with where he is right now, but to keep his eye on where he wants to go–the dream in his heart.

This was just the boost my young friend needed. He’s naturally cheerful and after our chat, he regained his focus and exuberance and bounded to his car.

My exciting happening was feeling so honored, pleased, and grateful that I had the right examples and expressed them in the right way so that he heard them and received them.

I’m still riding high!

What have been your exciting happenings this week? Please share in the comments below. Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



One thought on “Exciting Week Ahead! Another Form of Receiving”

  1. I made a decision to pull back on pushing for answers and to instead have an intention to receive clarity. This begin to happen. Then a literal pain in the neck had me wondering what direction to take, when I remembered a practitioner I used to visit a few years ago. I took a chance, and that visit did the trick. An unexpected and wonderful surprise!


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