Another Thing To Do When Your Alarm Clock First Rings: Make Your Bed (Mom was RIGHT!)


This week we’ve been talking about James Allen’s advice to get up when our alarm clock first rings. His recommendation got me to thinking about morning routines so I took a look on the Internet to see what articles and information I could find.

While I found several interesting articles on routines, I was surprised to see that most of them included making your bed as one of the mainstays. This led me to checking out what the experts have to say about morning bed making. Turns out it’s a keystone habit (a keystone habit is one that leads to the development of other good habits).

Who knew bed making was so important?! Well, sure, Mom knew…but still!! 😉

If Mom’s suggestion (threat?) isn’t enough to get you to make your bed, here are two articles that lay out excellent reasons why you should do it:

The Huffington Post:

Psychology Today:


And if Mom and the above articles aren’t authority enough, here’s advice (a command?) from Admiral McRaven, a battle-hardened Navy SEAL:


Have you made your bed today?

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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