Memorial Day: People Who Gave Their Lives for Us

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Whether you’re American or not, I encourage you to take a moment today to remember those who have fallen in order that we citizens of the world have a freer and safer global society in which to live.

Please join me in remembering those who have made the Ultimate Sacrifice for us throughout the ages so that you and I, along with our friends and loved ones, have a better chance at achieving our goals and living the life we envision in our dreams.

We remember.

Your Friend and Pep Pal.



Memorial or Remembrance Days in other countries:

Australia and New Zealand: April 25th, Anzac Day;

Belgium: November 11, Armistice Day;

Canada: November 11th, Remembrance Day;

France: November 11, Armistice Day;

Germany: First Sunday closest to November 16th, Volkstrauertag;

Israel: mid April – mid May (due to the lunar calendar) Holocaust Remembrance Dayand, a week later, Memorial Day;

Italy: November 4th, National Unity and Armed Forces Day;

Netherlands: May 4th, Dodenherdenking;

Nigeria: January 15th, commemorates the end of the country’s civil war;

South Korea: June 6th, Memorial Day;

Turkey: March 18th, Martyrs’ Day;

UK: November 11th, Remembrance Day.


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