Memorials and Remembrances: The Universe


In Monday and Tuesday’s posts we talked about people who have sacrificed for us. Some of them gave the Ultimate Sacrifice. Others of them are people who gave us the benefit of the doubt and some were strangers that left behind change and other resources to benefit those who came after them.

What about when The Universe steps in–those times when we’re amazed at the lucky breaks, the serendipity, the coincidences?   We’re delighted and we remember to be grateful.

But what about the times when, through a stroke of luck, we avoid difficulties?

I was reminded of this recently when I took my car to the shop for repairs because it started making an odd clunking noise. I had debated about putting it off because the sound wasn’t that bad, but for some reason I decided to bring it in. Good thing because there was something seriously wrong with the car and had I put it off and driven it on the highway, as I was originally going to do, it could have had disastrous results.

We need to be grateful–very grateful!–for these times.

Today–when you’re preparing for the day in the morning and when you’re winding down this evening–remember to be thankful not only to the people, including The Universe, who have helped move you forward but also the people and the Universe for protecting you from disasters.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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