Gratitude: It’s Your Choice


Please note: This post was scheduled to be published on 6/6/17. For some reason, it didn’t post…here it is now. Enjoy!


As usual, I was poking around the Internet. I came across this short video on joy compiled from several messages of Joel Osteen. Even though he’s talking about joy, I thought it was directly applicable to our discussion on gratitude. Happiness has its roots in gratefulness.


When you’re thankful, you just can’t help but be happy.

Granted, your situation may be very challenging and being grateful may not make you giddy, but it will–and it does–make the load feel a little lighter. When this happens, it opens up a little bit of space to take a breath. Thoughts and ideas ride on the breath; one of those just might be the next little baby step you’re looking for.

Have a listen to this compilation and let me know what you think.

Pass this post along to a friend. Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,

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