Silence and Meditation: What It’s All About


Meditation and silence isn’t supposed to be hard or uncomfortable or a drudgery. It’s supposed to be enjoyable and a practice to look forward to doing every single day.

Meditation and silence is about deepening the connection with your authentic self.

It’s about quieting yourself so you can hear the Still Small Voice as well as hear the whisperings and urgings of your heart and soul.

Silence and meditation is about remembering and knowing there is Something Out There that’s bigger than all of us, bigger than the world, and bigger than the universe. And, it’s about remembering and knowing that each one of us can have a profound relationship with This.

Silence and meditation teaches us how to be calm and at peace even though we may be in the midst of chaos. It also teaches us to value, respect, and appreciate who we are.

There are plenty of choices of methods and ways of silence and meditation, and I’m sure you can find a few combos that work for you.

Here are a few of the ways I practice meditation and silence:


~blowing bubbles;

~letting my mind ramble as I gaze out my window

~sitting quietly listening to the sounds of nature whether it’s early in the morning and I listen to the birds singing or if it’s at night and I listen to the crickets and other night sounds.

~guided mediations (Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditations  as well as Ros Place’s meditations  as well as others on YouTube)

~sitting in nature, preferably near water: the ocean, a pond, or a stream, etc..


What methods and ways to you enjoy practicing silence and meditation? Please share in the comments below. Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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