Your Environment: Why, What’s the Point?

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Yes, yes, yes…we’ve all heard about the health and well-being benefits of spending time in Mother Nature: lowers stress which lowers blood pressure and stress hormones, promotes well-being because communing with Mother Nature stimulates the production of endorphins and the like. We sleep better, feel better, look better, and behave better.

But, what’s the point? How is this going to help you craft a soul-prospering life?

When your healthy and you feel good about yourself, you tend to be more positive, optimistic, and resilient. This increases your self esteem and confidence, which directly supports your creativity.

It’s through self esteem, confidence, and creativity that provides the fertile ground for your dreams to be nurtured and grow, eventually taking flight and bringing you along with them.

But what if it’s just too difficult for you to take a few moments to gaze out your window, much less step outside? And forget about spending an hour or an afternoon in Nature?!

No worries!

Have fresh flowers or a live plant in your home and office can help. Spending a few moments looking at the plant or flowers can boost your well-being.

But what if you have a black thumb or you don’t have extra in the budget for flowers or a plant?

No worries!

Researchers have shown people can still reduce stress and increase concentration and effectiveness by looking at pictures of nature as well as watching nature videos and documentaries.

There are many ways for you to enjoy the benefits of Mother Nature. Which ones will you choose for yourself? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

Tomorrow we’ll talk about Your Environment: Home Sweet Home and Whistle While You Work!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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