Who are you? What’s the story, Jerry?!




Back in the day there was a business whose tag line was “What’s the story, Jerry?!” The spokesperson would then tell about the company and what they offered and would end the commercial with “And that’s the story!”

This is a reminder for us to know our stories.  When we know who we are–when we know our stories–we’re more grounded, better adjusted, and more resilient when the twists and turns of life show up.  The wonderful thing is that the story doesn’t have to be perfect or right, and our story can change as we grow and learn more about ourselves.

We all have stories that we always heard every time the family got together. These were stories not only about the ancestors, but also the ancedotes of silly or embarrassing or remarkable things that family members have done.

Listening to them, absorbing the stories, gave us a sense of identity. The stories also let us know the tribe we belonged to and how we fit into it. Even if later on in life we choose another tribe to belong to, knowing where we started off helped us orient ourselves in the world.

Ask yourself: What’s your story?  Do you want to change or improve it?  What’s your new story?

Keep this new story handy–it can be the start of your mission statement–and refer to it constantly.  You want to get your new story into your mind so it’s second nature. Indoctrinating yourself with your new story is the way you can short circuit the tendency to behave in habitual ways, especially when you hit a rough patch.

You can do it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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