Who Are You? Build Your Vision



I was helping a friend do a little spring–um, summer!–cleaning and clearing of her home. She’s had a few tough knocks from Life in the recent years and she wants a new, fresh start. She thought clearing out the old from her home and repainting would help her press the reset button. She asked me to help her and I was glad to pitch in.

The problem was that it was slow going with throwing out things or putting them in a box for the local thrift shop. My friend kept getting bogged down with reminiscing and sentimental feelings evoked by some objects. A few years ago she lost her loved ones and, as you’d expect, her home had pictures of them, letters from them, as well as gifts they’d given her. I’ve had enough experience with my own grief and mourning that I knew she still needed time before she’d be able to clearly decide on this memorabilia.

But, I knew she was getting bogged down in the past–a past she could never return to or change. I had to do something to gently help her. She’s artistic and we started talking about how pleased her loved ones would be to see her growth and development. We talked about projects she has planned and the pieces she’s working on now. Talking about the here and now as well as her future helped her get going again. She told me later that our talk helped her see that moving forward did not mean that she had to leave her loved ones behind; she still could have a connection to them, even though it’s much different than the relationship she had when they were here on Earth.

This underscored to be how important it is to have some sort of vision for our future–even if that future is only a day or an hour from now. It helps us break free from the past as well as move through the rough patches that we come across from time-to-time.

Take time today or this evening to develop a vision for yourself. It doesn’t have to be perfect because you’ll probably tweak it with nearly every step you take. And, if the thought of creating a vision seems too much, then think of it as having an idea of the wonderful future that awaits you.

You CAN do it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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