Start the Week off Right: Promise Yourself to Focus on the Good Stuff


Make it a point, a top priority, this week to notice the good stuff that happens to you this week.   Don’t wait for the big things like winning the lottery, getting that huge promotion, or winning the impressive award.   Instead, focus on the small things.

Nothing is too small to be noticed. In fact, these seemingly small, inconsequential things are the things that make up your every day life and, strung together, form the substance of your life.

Here is some good stuff:

~you arrived at a meeting a few moments early so you were able to sit quietly, gather your thoughts, and take a deep breath or two;

~you glanced out the window and saw a bird soaring and it made you feel free;

~a passerby smiled at you and said hello;

~someone gave you a coupon for a product that you use all the time;

~on your commute, you noticed all the wildflowers growing in the median of the highway

~you watched the raindrops splashing in a puddle and it reminded you of when you were a child when your mom let you play in the rain….


These are just a few suggestions. Keep your eyes open for the good stuff that surrounds you each day, every day.

You can do it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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