Mother Nature’s Wisdom: More Than Weeding and Mowing



Yesterday we went outside and observed nature around us. What interesting things did you notice?

I saw that all of nature is totally committed to being what it is. Each animal, plant, and rock is exactly what it is–no more and no less. What I mean is that trees are trees, rocks are rocks, and animals are totally what they are.

A tree doesn’t try to have gravel instead of leaves and it doesn’t stunt itself so it can be a shrub. A bird isn’t embarrassed or ashamed of flying, building nests, and eating insects and berries. And flowers don’t try to bloom with feathers or fur instead of petals and stamens.

So, why do we try to be someone and something we aren’t?

Of course it’s perfectly fine to be inspired by what someone else is doing and it’s fine for us to try that for ourselves. It’s great if we find that it’s a perfect fit for us and if we find that we love it.

But if it isn’t ringing true for us, instead of twisting ourselves into a pretzel, let’s take our cue from Mother Nature and be who we are–all of who we are. Let that thing go and move into who you truly are meant to be.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,

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