Mother Nature’s Wisdom: Balancing Busy-ness with Rest



Each animal and plant has a circadian rhythm that’s finely tuned to its particular species. Whether they’re wired to be awake in the daylight or if they are made for the night, they work and keep busy at the allotted time period and when that’s over, they rest.

They have flawlessly balanced being busy and fully resting.

What a concept!

They aren’t like us where we work, work, work until we collapse with some nervous disorder. And they aren’t like us where they can’t sleep at night because their minds are going around and around in worry. They really aren’t like us because when they’re resting, they aren’t constantly checking phones, emails, social media….

Another bit of wisdom we can glean from Mother Nature: Work when it’s time to work; rest when it’s time to rest!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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