Pep Talks! YOU are Made for MORE!


Whether you have had wonderful achievements and may now be sitting at the pinnacle of success or if you are 50, 60, 70…and still don’t have your act together,

You are made for more!!

You are jam-packed full of talents, gifts, and abilities waiting for you to develop them and use them in your life–for you and your family’s benefit and also for the benefit of others around you!

Up until now you may have felt that your place was on the sidelines of life watching other people doing interesting things and enjoying wonderful lives. You can have that, too, because

You are made for more!

It doesn’t make sense to have dreams and desires, talents and gifts and not be “allowed to” develop them for yourself, your loved ones, and others to enjoy.

Last week we talked about Mother Nature’s bounty and how she’s all about abundance. This abundance is for you, too!

You are made for more!

Believe this because it’s true and get going on your dreams and your soul-prospering life!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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