Productive Waiting: Constructive versus Destructive Waiting


I was at the grocery store the other day waiting in line to check out and I noticed that many others were also in lines waiting to check out. I realized how much time we spend waiting: we wait for the kids while they’re at sports practice, we wait for our internet order to arrive at our home; we wait for the promotion at work; we wait for XYZ to happen so we can take the next step in our soul-prospering life….

The question to answer is, what are we doing while we’re waiting? Are we using the time constructively or destructively?


Destructive uses of our waiting time:

~endlessly watching TV;

~gossiping with your friends;

~hanging out with negative people;

~bar hopping and clubbing;

~shopping, gambling, drinking, drugging, over eating, sleeping too much, etc.;

~giving free rein to your worrisome, angry, sad, negative thoughts….


Constructive uses of our waiting time:

~watching motivational and inspirational movies, videos, TV programs, podcasts, etc.;

~taking a class in subjects that interest you;

~reading–or listening to–uplifting and enlightening books, CDs, etc.;

~hanging out with people who encourage you and support you in your journey;

~spending time alone and connecting with Divine;

~spending time with loved ones and close friends;

~join a group or organization that encourages and supports people’s self development;

~read books and magazines, watch movies and videos, listen to CDs and podcasts, about successful people and pay attention to what they did while they were waiting for their “big break”. Most likely they were practicing, studying, tweaking their idea, networking….

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if an activity you’re engaged in is a productive use of your waiting time. An easy way to tell is to ask yourself: will this take me closer to my soul-prospering life?

What are you doing while you’re waiting?

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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