Productive Waiting: Your Vision for the Future


We’ve talked about your Vision in previous posts:

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Having a positive Vision of the future you’re headed toward is a powerful motivator, especially when the going gets rough.

If you find yourself getting discouraged easily and being influenced by what others are telling you regarding what can and can’t be done, then your Vision for your future is NOT strong enough!

Building a compelling, highly motivating Vision is an excellent use of your waiting time.

Build a photo album of things that thrill and delight you, such as places you’d like to visit, people you’d like to meet, activities you’d love to do, events you want to participate in, and the like. This photo album can be a digital slideshow stored in the cloud so you can view it on your computer and mobile devices, or it can be an “old fashioned” photo album filled with pictures you’ve taken as well as those you’ve gotten out of magazines and off the Internet.

Keep it handy where you can view it first thing in the morning when you wake up and the last thing at night before you fall asleep. Also, keep it handy–or if it’s in hard copy format, keep a few images handy–so that you can take a quick peek at it during break times in your day. 

You must look at it every day, and frequently throughout the day, to keep your vision in the forefront of your mind!

When you look at your Vision Album, get excited about it–let its power infuse every cell of your being. Then use that energy to take the next best step.

You can do it, I know you can!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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