Productive Waiting: Let it Go!


Perhaps you’re waiting for someone to complete their part of a project before you can move forward. Maybe you’re waiting for a specialized piece of equipment to become available. There may be another valid reason of why you’re in a holding pattern and can’t step toward your soul-prospering life just yet.

This whole week we’ve been talking about different things you can do to stay productive relative to your dreams rather than frittering away the time. Today’s suggestion is to review your current circumstances and identify those things that are no longer serving you. Let them go!

Perhaps you discover habits that no longer help you such as watching too much TV, letting your emotions rein over you, or gossiping. You may find that your environment isn’t serving you. For instance your home is cluttered or your work place is messy. Remember to take a close look at the people you hang around with and follow through on a plan to limit your contact with the Negative Nellies and the Downer Dougs in your life.

Let it go!

You can do it!

Your friend and Pep Pal.



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