A Fresh Perspective: Sticking with Your Truth



This week we’ve been talking about getting a fresh perspective on our situations. We’ve talked about different ways to do this—the change in the way we view our challenges. I want to point out that there is also a lot to be said for keeping your perspective—your truth—and not bending to what’s popular or knuckling under to the pressure from others.

To me, what this means is that we look at rough patches and tough spots and rocky portions of our path from different perspectives. Doing so can be a way to get through them quicker, easier, and come out a stronger and more effective person. But while we are looking at things differently, still keep the courage of our convictions. This means that we don’t modify or abandon what our gut, our instincts, and our heart and soul is telling us is our truth.

The point is to look at situations from many different perspectives so that our creativity and inventiveness can be energized but still holding firm to the dream in our hearts!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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