Your Own Two Feet: The One Most Important Factor


The surest, sure-fire way to stand on your own two feet is to be unshakable and rock-solid in your core life values–knowing and understand which ones are deeply meaningful to you. Equally important is knowing and understanding why these are so significant to you.

These are not necessarily exactly like the morals and values your Sunday school teacher or parents or coaches tried to instill in you. Your life values may have their roots in the teachings you received as a child but as you matured into an adult, you tweaked them and put your own unique spin on them.

What kind of a spin have you put on them?

Do you profess to be honest and truthful yet you cut corners at work? Do you claim to be a champion of the underdog yet you pretend not to see when you witness a friend bullying someone, especially when they justify it by saying they’re just joking and the other person has a thin skin?

It’s time to thoroughly check out your moral and ethical compass and make sure it’s pointing unerringly at your True North.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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