Motivation: Crazy, Nutty, Outlandish, Weird, Stupid, Dumb, Frivolous…Ideas



Yesterday we had a most excellent brainstorming session and came up with all sorts of ideas–some of them quite bold and outrageous but still very exciting. Got the old juices flowing!

Today, let’s take a closer look at ALL the ideas we jotted down, NOT leaving out any idea no matter how nutty, crazy, stupid, outlandish, dumb, frivolous, etc., they may seem.

Now, let’s categorize our ideas. We’ll have only two groups (1) Reasonable, (2) Totally NUTS!!. Some ideas may be hard to categorize because they’re not quite reasonable but they aren’t totally nuts either. With these, tune into your instincts and let that help you choose which category to put the idea into.

Take some quiet, uninterrupted time, about 15 – 20 minutes. When you have your Reasonable group and you have your Totally NUTS group, put the Reasonable ideas to the side.

We’re going to focus on the Totally NUTS ideas.

Why? Because THAT’S how you’ll achieve your soul-prospering life!

You won’t achieve the life you yearn for if you are reasonable, rational, logical. This is the thinking that’s keeping you in your comfort zone, stuck in your rut!

It’s when you seriously look at your Totally NUTS ideas that you find your way out of your dead-end, unsatisfying life and step into your soul-prospering life!

Sit quietly without interruptions and think about steps you can take within a day or two regarding your Totally NUTS ideas. I know this is scary stuff, but you don’t have to take giant leaps or enormous bounds. All you have to do is take one tiny little baby step. That’s it!

Hang onto this list of Totally NUTS ideas because we’re going to talk more about them tomorrow.

WooHoo! Exciting stuff! You and me, we’re on our way! WooHoo!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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