Motivation: What Do You Feel About All of This?


On Wednesday we brainstormed and yesterday we took those ideas and we put aside the practical ones, the responsible ones, the doable ones, which left us with the crazy, outrageous, just totally nuts ideas.

We took some quiet time yesterday to think about these ideas, as crazy as they are and as anxious as they might make us feel. We did this because it’s in the outrageous ideas where our future lies.  It’s in following through on these bold ideas–or combinations of these bold ideas–that we’re going to be able to craft our soul-prospering life.


The life you dream of does not come from being practical, being reasonable, being logical. Crafting a soul prospering life, living the life of your dreams, comes from being bold, outrageous, stepping outside your comfort zone, pushing the edge of the envelope, doing what you never thought you’d be able to do, finding your limits and pushing past them.

That’s why these crazy ideas, these totally nuts ideas, are so important.


Yesterday we also took the time to think about little steps that we could take immediately, or within the next day or two, that would start us on our journey of crafting our soul prospering life.

What were some of the steps that you came up with? Did you take any of them? If not, do something right now, something little. It can be something as simple as sitting quietly and visualizing your dream, what it would be like to live a soul prospering life.

How would you feel about yourself; how would you feel about your prospects and opportunities in the world?

How would going for your soul-prosper in life change you and enhance you make you a bigger, better person?


That’s what a soul prospering life is. It isn’t about having a million dollars in the bank or having a big, fat fancy house or becoming famous and popular. It’s about how the journey helps you grow and develop in ways you never thought possible; how it gives you a deeper, richer, more vibrant and juicy life.


Taking this kind of action is awkward stuff, really…which is why we haven’t done it before now. We DO have to step out of the comfort zone, we DO have to feel uncomfortable, we DO have to be unsure.


We have to learn how to live with not knowing and not being sure but taking action anyway.
Now that we’re talking about feeling awkward and uncomfortable, take a moment to identify exactly what your brand of awkward and uncomfortable is.

Some people feel some form of fear, other people feel sad, others feel depressed about the whole thing, and still others can give up and walk away even before they’ve started.

The fearful people may be driven by the thought that it’s too hard and they think they can’t, or they think they’ll be crushed in some way. Some of them worry that if they try for their dreams, they’ll wind up worse off.

Angry people may feel that they’ll work really hard only to have someone else get the credit and the benefits. Or, they may feel that their success will be taken away from them.

Sad people may think that it’s a long, hard road with only a very small payoff at the end.

People who throw in the towel before they even start may think that it’s work, work, and more work, and in-between times there’ll be obstacles, and difficulties, and even heartbreaks.

If you see yourself in any of these descriptions, don’t worry. Tomorrow we’re going to talk about what you can do about these feelings and thought patterns–how you can stop them before they stop you.

You’re doing GREAT! Come back tomorrow so we can continue our chat.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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