Affirmations: These Things Are Making My Life Fall Apart!!


We like the explanation of affirmations, how they work, and how to implement them in our lives. We’re excited to start working with them in this new way.

But what happens when we’re beginning to lose hope because, instead of getting better, it seems that our life is getting worse!

What are we supposed to do then?

Don’t give up! Don’t stop! Don’t throw in the towel and quit!

Having things falling apart is actually a good thing and is showing us that the affirmations and our efforts are working. We’re making progress, believe it or not.

This is a very similar situation as when we do any remodeling on our kitchens. Walls may have to come down, cabinets and old fixtures have to come out first before the new counters and appliances and flooring can go in.

This is what’s happening when things fall apart in our lives. The old habits, old attitudes, and old routines have to come apart and make way–make room–for the new.

Hang in there! Keep going! Take the next step!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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