Home Stretch 2017: Affirmations, Pep Talks, and Poems



Now that the season has changed to Autumn, we’re lining up to head into the home stretch of 2017. In a few days, we’ll move into the fourth quarter, the last quarter, of the year. This week, we’ll talk about how we can set ourselves up for a great finish to the year.

Here are some affirmation styled pep rally to get us off to a good start:

(Insert your name here), there’s plenty of time to finish 2017 on a high note.  

(Insert your name here), you have great ideas and you’re on the right track. You have what it takes; keep going! 

(Insert your name here), you are the right person to live your soul-prospering life successfully. No one else has the particular blend of talents, skills, abilities, intelligence, and know-how. You do, though, (insert your name here). Abundantly! 

(Insert your name here), we can take this one step at a time. We can move at a pace that’s comfortable, no worries!



I also found these poems that I thought might also be helpful this week:


Keep pushing—’tis wiser than sitting aside

And dreaming and sighing and waiting the tide.

In life’s earnest battle they only prevail

Who daily march onward, and never say fail.


With an eye ever open, a tongue that’s not dumb,

And a heart that will never to sorrow succumb,

You’ll battle—and conquer, though thousands assail;

How strong and how mighty, who never say fail.


In life’s rosy morning, in manhood’s firm pride,

Let this be the motto your footsteps to guide:

In storm and in sunshine, whatever assail,

We’ll onward and conquer, and never say fail.





Be never discouraged!

Look up and look on;

When the prospect is darkest

The cloud is withdrawn.

The shadows that blacken

The earth and the sky,

Speak to the strong-hearted,

Salvation is nigh.


Be never discouraged!

If you would secure

The earth’s richest blessings,

And make heaven sure,

Yield not in the battle,

Nor quail in the blast;

The brave and unyielding

Win nobly at last.


Be never discouraged!

By day and by night

Have glory in prospect

And wisdom in sight;

Undaunted and faithful,

You never will fail,

Though kingdoms oppose you

And devils assail.

~D.C. Colesworthy


Keep these handy as you go through the week, especially the affirmations, pep talks, or poems that resonate with you. Let me know which ones you liked the best. Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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