Home Stretch 2017: Visualization – What You See is What You Get



Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about. ~Winston Churchill


This week we’re talking about setting ourselves up for a great finish to 2017.

Today’s quotation reminds us why this is so important. Our soul calls out to us, encouraging us to live our Destiny. We need to answer that call, regardless of our success–or not–in doing this so far this year.

It isn’t too late. We can still do something about this.

We probably have visions in our minds of the last few months of the year: the beauty inherent in the changing seasons; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday celebrations; getting our homes ready for the winter/spring; beginning to gather financial papers in preparation for year-end tax filings; and other end-of-year activities.

Some of the things on our To Do list bring good feelings and happy memories–apple picking with friends and family, being thankful for loved ones, Christmas morning….

When we think about our goals, though, many of us might have bleak images in our minds of goals started with such zeal at the start of the year and now abandoned for months. We can all point to a few goals crossed off our lists but the big ones, the ones that are going to help us change our lives, are still mostly left untouched.

It isn’t too late. We can still do something about this.

The first thing we can do is to work on the images we hold in our minds–we MUST change these if we are ever going to craft a soul-prospering life.

Find images that represent what your soul-prospering life would look like. Perhaps you’re soul is calling you to open a business: find a picture of a storefront, an image that resonates with you. Maybe your soul is calling you to start a foundation that focuses on helping homeless people get back on their feet through low-cost home ownership: find an image of a happy family in a cozy home.

Make a few copies of this image in color and paste them where you’ll see them: your bathroom mirror, the door to your closet, your car dashboard, in your desk at work…

This is the image of your ultimate goal, which is intimidating and overwhelming to you or you would have already achieved it!

No worries!

The next thing you’ll do is to step this image down. What I mean by that is to have images of your interim goal–one that you need to achieve that’s along the way to achieving your ultimate goal.

This is the same as the step-down process we talked about last week when we chatted about Affirmations.

Step-down images can be things such as an image of a telephone to help you focus on making those calls you’ve been putting off; it could be the logo of a community business organization to remind you to go to their next meeting and get to know some of the local business owners.

Make copies of these images and paste them in the same places as your ultimate goal image as well as other places that are part of your daily life: the pantry in the kitchen, your socks drawer, taped to your toothbrush, in your wallet or purse….

As you achieve one of these step-down goals, go onto the next one and use the same process of putting the image all over the place. Keep crossing off then replacing images.

Flood your mind with these images and eventually they’ll replace the dreary ones in your mind–or these images will shout them down.

And that’s what you want.

You need to take control of the images in your mind, and images of your smaller goals (that lead you to your ultimate goal) are the way to do this.

Take time today to review your goals that will lead to a soul-prospering life. Select the one or two that will have thee biggest impact on getting you there. Then, follow the directions above for choosing an image that symbolizes this ultimate goal, pasting that in several prominent places, then finding step-down images of smaller, less intimidating goals that are directly connected to your soul-prospering life.

It isn’t too late; you can still do something about this!

Let me know how this system works for you! Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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